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About Arzinger Design

I was struck with creative lightning

only a few years ago when I made jewelry for the first time. It has been a firestorm of passion ever since. Once the fire was sparked, my creativity couldn’t be stopped, and now, it seems my every waking moment is filled with thoughts of beads, baubles and bling. When designing, I feel in my element. It isn’t a neat process, but being surrounded by piles of beads and charms, mixing and matching faster than my hands can move, is when my inspiration flows. I have to see and feel the design to know it’s right.

A dragonfly is the symbol

of my jewelry for it’s beautiful colors, and because it lives in harmony with water. Similarly, my pieces are a reflection of nature and the beach, expressed through a range of themes from boot bling to bridal. A signature, small dragonfly charm adorns each work of jewelry to remind the wearer of its symbolism. The light-hearted feel of Arzinger Design makes it highly versatile and wearable made of sea glass, Swarovski crystals, gemstones, glass pearls, rhinestones and specialty metal beads. I combine these elements using stringing and wire wrapping techniques that are complimented by gold, silver and copper tones. What started as a hobby has very quickly turned into a career. I sell my creations at art shows, online, on Etsy and at retail stores. When I'm not working in my studio, I enjoy teaching at the Rehoboth Art League and spending as much time as possible on the Delaware and Carolina beaches.